The Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) conducted studies for a wind turbine field of 100 MW at a site near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, one of the windiest areas in the United States. The wind turbine system would be electrically interconnected to the existing Federal power grid through the substation at Medicine Bow. Power output from the wind turbines would thus be integrated with the existing hydroelectric system, which serves as the energy storage system. An analysis based on “willingness to pay” was developed. Based on information from the Department of Energy’s Western Area Power Administration (Western), it was assumed that 90 mills per kWh would represent the “willingness to pay” for onpeak power, and 45 mills per kWh for offpeak power. The report concludes that a 100-MW wind field at Medicine Bow has economic and financial feasibility. The Bureau’s construction of the Medicine Bow wind field could demonstrate to the industry the feasibility of wind energy.

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