The use of evidence theory and associated cumulative plausibility functions (CPFs), cumulative belief functions (CBFs), cumulative distribution functions (CDFs), complementary cumulative plausibility functions (CCPFs), complementary cumulative belief functions (CCBFs), and complementary cumulative distribution functions (CCDFs) in the analysis of loss of assured safety (LOAS) for weak link (WL)/strong link (SL) systems is introduced and illustrated. Article content includes cumulative and complementary cumulative belief, plausibility and probability for (i) time at which LOAS occurs for a 1 WL/2 SL system, (ii) time at which a 2 link system fails, (iii) temperature at which a 2 link system fails, and (iv) temperature at which LOAS occurs for a 1 WL/ 2 SL system. The presented results can be generalized to systems with more than 1 WL and 2 SLs.

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