The Pressure Vessel and Piping (PVP) Division celebrates its Golden Anniversary in 2016. This special issue has been planned to commemorate such a special milestone of the PVP Division. The Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology has been the leader in the technical community of pressure vessels and pipes since its inception. The journal has published a wide spectrum of papers related to this technical field, including but not limited to basic sciences, interdisciplinary subjects, applied technologies, design and fabrication, technical management, etc. Many of those papers were subsequently used to develop the ASME Codes and Standards.

Papers on diverse topics were solicited from invited authors to cover current technologies as well as state-of-art literature reviews. These papers deal with basic sciences, design, applications, and extensive literature review. Technical paper topics include creep, fracture and fatigue, design criteria of pressure vessels, pipeline technology, welding, fluid–structure interaction, thermal-hydraulic analysis, impact, probability analysis, aging management, risk management, thermal and neutron embrittlement, etc.

The Editor greatly appreciates the contributing authors for this special issue. In addition, the same kind of recognition should be given to our many reviewers as well as Associate Editors who have also made significant contributions to this publication.

Happy Golden Anniversary of PVP Division!