I extend my very best wishes to you for good health and happiness in 2012. We look forward to presenting three special topic issues this year. The April 2012 issue will feature papers on ASME Codes and Standards. Papers from the 2011 Gun Tube Conference will be published later in the year and will honor the late David Kendall and in late 2012 or early 2013 we will feature papers from the Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Symposium. The FIV special topic will be published in honor of Dr. Frank Eisinger, who passed away in September 2010.

Thanks to outgoing JPVT Associate Editors Zhanghzi Cen, Ricky Dixon, William Koves, Tribikram Kundu, Donald Mackenzie, Noel O’Dowd, Young Ho Park, Edward Rodriguez, Douglas Scarth, T. L. (Sam) Sham, Tomoyo Taniguchi, and Maher Younan. Their contributions of time and expertise have helped to make JPVT an outstanding journal and are much appreciated.

We welcome a number of new Associate Editors to JPVT: Haofeng Chen, Associate Editor at Large; Hardayal Mehta, in the Material and Fabrication area; Jianmin Qu, in the NDE Engineering area; Wolf Reinhardt, in the Computer Technology area; David Rudland, in the Materials and Fabrication area; Albert Segall and Pierre Mertiny, in the Design and Analysis area; Dennis Williams as Associate Editor at Large; Spyros Karamanos, in the Seismic Engineering area. Spyros Karamanos, in the Seismic Engineering area; Marina Ruggles-Wrenn, in the Design and Analysis area, and Osamu Watanabe, Associate Editor at Large, are continuing on for another term as Associate Editors. Congratulations to all of you on your appointment and welcome to JPVT.

This is an appropriate time and place to mention and to thank the very large number of people who give their time and expertise to make JPVT possible. The success of the journal would be impossible without them. Associate Editors are chosen for a 3-yr term, with the possibility of a one-time term renewal. Their primary responsibility is to oversee the peer review process, including assigning qualified reviewers, ensuring timely completion of reviews, and maintaining the journal’s commitment to standards of high quality. Associate Editors are often responsible for the review of multiple papers at any given time. Reviewers must be both objective and subjective as they fulfill their responsibility; they must be objective in the sense that they must eliminate any personal or corporate bias toward the author or subject and must be subjective in evaluating the paper based on their own personal knowledge and experiences in a technical field. Reviewers may also be assigned to multiple papers at any given time. As an Editor, my primary responsibility is to oversee the technical content and operation of the journal, accepting or rejecting all materials considered for publication, working directly with ASME on publication logistics, and ultimately ensuring the continued excellence of JPVT. Of course, the journal would be impossible without the Authors, their research, ingenuity, and dedication to the pressure vessel and piping industry. Thanks to all of you for your contributions. And finally, a most important thank you to my editorial assistant, Jessica Bulgrin, who handles many of the day-to-day operations of this Journal.