Accurate estimation of elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (EPFM) parameters for a crack in nuclear pipes was considered as an important factor for leak-before-break (LBB) design and evaluation. Yet few EPFM studies have been made to predict the crack opening displacement (COD) and J-integral of dissimilar metal welded pipes, which consist of two-layered materials (TLMs), due to the difficulty of complicate analysis encompassing both through-wall crack and internal surface crack in radial and circumferential directions. In this study, a series of finite element (FE) analyses to determine the typical EPFM parameters were carried out considering idealized complex-cracked pipes with TLMs. The analyses were elaborated through applying three loading conditions of axial tension, bending moment and internal pressure. Both J-integral and COD values were calculated by assuming two kinds of equivalent materials based on weighted average concepts as well as two different materials. The proposed equivalent schemes can be utilized in not only improvement to existing solutions but also more accurate detailed LBB assessment of complex cracked nuclear piping with TLMs.

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