In this paper, the pre-mixed type high pressure hydraulic sandblasting before portable nozzle structure optimized design calculation of cutting equipment, hydraulic sandblasting cutting using high-speed sand fluid jet to finish cutting operation, to improve the work efficiency of the device, this paper adopts the method of computational fluid dynamics, using the business software, numerical simulation of different nozzle type, nozzle length and Angle of the cone Angle of nozzle, the internal flow field of comparative analysis and calculation results, and to test the performance of the different nozzle, it is concluded that the cone shape nozzle structure is better, and working parameters of the type sprayer experiment, with the help of mathematical software to deal with the experimental data, the theoretical formulae of cutting depth, cutting target distance, transverse velocity and jet pressure were obtained, which provided a basis for the development of nozzle with high cutting efficiency and proved the accuracy and reliability of simulation results.

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