Thorough analysis of two-side integral tubesheet of U-tube heat exchanger is carried out, using Panc’s component theory of plates. Effects of solid annular rim and interaction between tubesheet and shell/channel are considered. A design procedure based on foregoing analysis is proposed. Fictive elastic constants due to Osweiller, as well as effective elastic constants due to Slot and O’Donnell, are employed. Deformations, internal forces and primary stress intensities are evaluated in both pitch and diagonal directions. Stress category concept of ASME Sect. VIII Div. 2 is used. Design thickness obtained by this method is compared with the thicknesses calculated, using ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1, TEMA and BS-5500. This method enables us to calculate stresses in shell and channel in the junction region as well. Present analysis and design procedure thoroughly investigates the tubesheet behavior and leads to a thinner tubesheet. It is concluded that though all the codes based on Gardner’s work provide safe and efficient design rules, and lie on firm footing, still there is further scope for reducing the design thickness of tubesheet by about ten percent.

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