In the multi-tube type of heat exchanger, baffle plates are located at appropriate intervals to support the heat transfer tubes. Depending on the baffle plate type employed, the flow field in the tube bundle will consist of a mixture of the cross flow (the fluid flows at right angles to the tube bundle along the baffle plate surfaces) and the parallel jet flow (the fluid streams through channels such as the flow holes of the baffle plates in the form of jets and flows in parallel with the tube bundle). Vibrations induced by the flow can cause fretting wear and fatigue of the heat transfer tubes. Therefore, it it essential to establish a method of evaluating heat transfer tube vibrations induced by the mixed flow for the purpose of evaluating the integrity of heat exchanger tubes. In this paper, three different flows, that is, cross, parallel jet and mixed flows, were simulated in order to clarify the relationships between the flow conditions and vibration of the tube bundle, and to study a method for evaluating tube bundle vibrations induced by turbulence in the mixed flow field by using the vibration characteristics in the cross flow field and the parallel jet flow field.

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