The results of an experimental and analytical study of the effects of circular holes on the postbuckling behavior of graphite-epoxy cylindrical panels loaded in axial compression are presented. The STAGSC-1 general shell analysis computer code developed by Bo 0. Almroth and Frank A. Brogan is used to determine the buckling and postbuckling response of the panels. The loaded, curved ends of the specimens were clamped by fixtures and the unloaded, straight edges were simply supported by knife-edge restraints. The panels are loaded by uniform end shortening to several times the end shortening at buckling. The unstable equilibrium path of the postbuckling response is obtained analytically by using a method based on controlling an equilibrium-path-arc-length parameter instead of the traditional load parameter. The effects of hole diameter, panel radius, and panel thickness on postbuckling response are considered in the study. Experimental results are compared with the analytical results and the failure characteristics of the graphite-epoxy panels are described.

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