The analysis is carried out for a cylindrical vessel with a nozzle subjected to external loading consisting of longitudinal and circumferential moments and radial force. The Flu¨gge-Conrad solutions with the Sanders-Simmonds concentrated force solution are utilized for a local analysis, to which asymptotic approximations for the effect of the vessel length and continuity around the vessel circumference are added. This is incorporated in a computer code FAST for which set up and run times are minimal for a given case of geometry and load. The comparison with experimental results is about as good as can be expected for eight models, with parameters in the ranges: 50 ≤ D/T ≤ 2530, 0.01 ≤ d/D ≤ 0.5, and 6.5 ≤ d/t ≤ 240. Hence, the calculation should be useful for an improvement in nozzle design. Example curves and tables of stress factors are included.

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