This paper, which is an extension of [1], treats two-dimensional aeroelastic stability of two coupled conductors. It is found that the wake-induced flutter is symmetric with respect to the horizontal axis of the wake for all cases provided that the sign of the static coupling coefficient, ε = kxy/kxx, is changed. It appears that the spacer coupling ratio, K/kxx = Ω/ωx, is the most important factor in determining stability. For practical purposes, the system is almost always stable for K/kxx = Ω/ωx = 0.8, because the frequency ratio, κ = ωyx, deviates less than ten percent from unity for a typical transmission line. On the other hand, within our range of interest, damping has little or no effect on the stability of coupled conductors. When the windward conductor is fixed, i.e., K = 0, then damping does influence the stability of the leeward conductor.

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