Public safety agencies in many large metroplitan cities need a mobile system which is capable of safely transporting “terrorist-type” bombs from a discovery point to a disposal area. In view of the requirement of such a system by the Government of the District of Columbia, Metropolitan Police Department (DC-MPD), the Naval Research Laboratory has provided a solution to this problem by designing and fabricating a prototype explosives containment system. The system capability was successfully demonstrated by proof tests using dynamite. The critical elements of the system are an ultrahigh-strength, highly fracture-resistant steel pressure vessel held in a specially fabricated support base made of similar steel. Materials for the system were selected and evaluated on the basis of advanced metals characterization procedures to ensure fracture-safe performance in this unique application. A duplicate system has been donated to the DC-MPD. This system is considered to be the most reliable, highest-strength and lightest-weight mobile explosives containment system available to any metropolitan public safety organization.

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