The 1974 Edition of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1, provides rules for the analysis and design of identical pairs of Part B flanges (flat face flanges in metal-to-metal contact). The theory has been extended on a consistent basis to cover the analysis of a pair of nonidentical Part B flanges but since the resulting procedure is laborious, action to include the rules has been delayed pending further consideration by the cognizant ASME Code Committees. In the interim a simplified method suitable for analyzing both identical and nonidentical pairs of Part B flanges has been developed and is available as ASME Code Case 1828: “A SIMPLIFIED METHOD FOR ANALYZING PART B FLAT FACE FLANGES WITH METAL-TO-METAL CONTACT OUTSIDE THE BOLT CIRCLE.” The purpose of this paper is to describe the simplified method and to derive some of the more important equations which are contained in the Code Case.

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