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Frequently Asked Questions

New Features

ASME has upgraded to the latest version of our vendor's platform. This latest version provides a new look and new features that include:

  • Responsive web pages for better desktop and mobile experience
  • Complete re-design of the Conference Proceedings structure
  • An enhanced user experience (UX) that provides simplified navigation, and inline figures and tables


Browser Compatibility

We recommend using the most current version (or the version released just prior to) of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and will not correctly render the site.

Access Information

The ASME Digital Collection domain will remain the same:

Subdomains for each product are eliminated, now each product will just have a subdirectory.

Table of URLs

Redirects will be in place from the old naming to new naming convention.

Key ASME Digital Collection Pages New Site URL [] Change from Legacy?
ASME Digital Collection No
ASME Proceedings Yes


ASME eBooks Yes
ASME Journals Yes


OCLC EZproxy Configuration

The EZproxy database definition is not changing.

Direct URL-based linking

Since some base URLs have changed as a result of migration (see below), please update your systems that use Direct URL to enable linking. We support the DOI syntax for Proceedings and journal articles .

Linking to ASME Products

Best for linking to any ASME Digital Collection content, use the format below.

Best format to use:

For linking to journals, use the format below (ignore brackets in creating your URL—they are only used to indicate an insertion).

Article by DOI:

URL format:[journal subdirectory]/article-lookup/DOI/[ ]

Article by volume/issue/page or CID:

URL format:[journal subdirectory]/article-lookup/[volume]/[issue]/[page or CID]

Journal issue TOC:
This example will take you to the TOC page for the most recently closed issue, and also allow you to pick from the dropdown menu any other issue.

URL format:[journal subdirectory]/issue

This structure will allow you to go directly to the TOC for any volume and issue for the journal.

URL format:[journal subdirectory]/issue/[volume]/[issue]

Journal by year:
This will take you to the journal’s select by year page.

URL format:[journal subdirectory]/issue/browse-by-year

For linking to Proceedings, use the format below (ignore brackets in creating your URL—they are only used to indicate an insertion).

Proceedings Paper by DOI:

URL format:[ ]

Proceedings Paper by Proceedings Series and DOI:

URL format:[proceedings series subdirectory]/proceeding-lookup/doi/[ ]

Proceedings volume TOC:
This example will take you to the TOC page for the first volume of recently published Proceedings, and also allow you to pick from the dropdown menu any other volume.

URL format:[proceedings series subdirectory]/volumes

Proceedings by year:
This will take you to the Proceedings Series select by conference page.

URL format:[proceedings series subdirectory]/volumes/browse-by-conference


The main URL for The ASME Digital Collection homepage,, will not change, except it is now https. Redirects will be in place from the old URL structure to the updated URL structure to ensure that links and bookmarks to those pages with new URLs resolve correctly. If a link cannot be resolved to a specific page, the redirect will point to The ASME Digital Collection domain homepage.

To ensure immediate access to the new ASME Digital collection, please update the URLs in your systems at the time of launch. If you continue to use the old URLs, your users may experience a delay in accessing the new site as redirects, link resolvers, and proxy systems catch-up with the changes. We strongly recommend using the new URLs for The ASME Digital Collection at launch rather than looping through old URLs to ensure the fastest and smoothest access to the new site.


Please use the following email address and phone numbers to contact us with questions, updates, or to report technical issues.

Contact Us:

U.S./Canada: +1 800-843-2763
International: +1 973-882-1170
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How do I update my institution's IP addresses?

IP address changes will be administered by The ASME Digital Collection staff. IP address changes should be emailed to

How do I update the administrator contact information on my account or change my SiteMaster password?

Changes to library administrator assignment or updates to administrator contact information should be emailed to Changes to both institutional and personal username and password also should be emailed to

Will the platform support institutional branding?

If your institution has The ASME Digital Collection subscription, you may add your logo to all main landing (content home) pages. Logos should be emailed to In addition, your institution's name will be displayed on each page when a user's IP is recognized as coming from your institution.

The maximum dimensions for your institution's logo are 100px high x 300px wide in JPEG, GIF, and/or PNG format. If you prefer, you may send us a high resolution EPS and we will prepare your logo to meet file type and size specifications.

What resources will be available specifically for librarians?

The site will include a link to the "Librarian Service Center" under the "Resources" menu on the ASME Digital Collection home page. This page will include information about account management, announcements, subscription information, contact information, and links to FAQs and other information for librarians.

Will the new platform include email alerting - and will my current alerts continue?

The new site includes email alerts. Your current alerts will continue with the exception of the topic alert, which has been discontinued. New alerts will be available under "My Alerts".

Institutional Affiliation

Authorized users may, while authenticated to The ASME Digital Collection via their institutional network, create an individual account with a unique user name (typically their e-mail address) and password. Once created, that user account is affiliated with the institution on whose network they created the account. The user can then access The ASME Digital Collection content using his or her mobile device by simply signing in with their user name and password. In order to ensure that a given user remains affiliated with a subscribing institution, the platform will require the user to authenticate to the website every 3 months.

Is the new site supported on current browsers?

The ASME Digital Collection is optimized for use with currently supported, secure desktop and mobile versions of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Safari. It can be accessed using older versions, but some features may not function properly.

How do I stay up-to-date about what and when changes will occur?

The "Librarian Service Center" on the new site is the best place to keep up to date as announcements will be posted when necessary.

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