The authors goal was to provide a practical guideline on nuclear shelter wall thickness estimation. The shelter wall thickness is assessed on the basis of published data on radiation dose calculations, corroborated by field data from nuclear tests, and information or calculations of the dose attenuation in the shelter wall. Dose criterion is selected as the acceptable dose behind the shield. Doses from nuclear tests or simulations are summarized in tables in relation to bomb yield and distance from the explosion point. Neutron dose transmission factors, defined as ratio of the dose behind the shielding to the dose without shielding, and their interdependence with shield thickness for different materials were found in the references. Based on the required dose transmission factor, calculated with the selected dose criterion, the corresponding shelter concrete wall thickness is assessed, taken into account the relation with the dose transmission factors from the literature. For gamma rays the shield thickness is calculated on the basis of analytical functions describing the dependence between dose without shield, dose criterion and shield thickness. Data tables are provided with the assessed concrete wall thickness in relation to bomb yield and distance.

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