This work investigated the thermo physical characteristics of liquid indium-bismuth-tin eutectic alloy also known as Field's metal for the purposes of use as a similarity fluid for liquid metal reactors. The density, specific heat capacity, viscosity, thermal conductivity, and the coefficient of thermal expansion were determined for liquid Field's Metal for temperature ranges from its melting point 333 K to 423 K. The work captured the effect of temperature on these properties and each property's magnitude. The findings were used to create mathematical correlations to predict the value of the thermo-physical property at a specified temperature for use in natural circulation studies. Notably, the work also observed non-Newtonian shear thinning behaviour of the alloy near the melting point and that the non-Newtonian behavior relaxes as the material obtains more energy. The results are consistent with behavior of other liquid metals including variances that occur close to the melting point.

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