The paper describes a modified version of the TEMPA-SC computer program designed to calculate temperature fields in bundles of rods cooled by a supercritical pressure medium. This version of the program is based on the subchannel method that was used in the TEMPA-1F program, developed earlier in the OKB "GIDROPRESS" for calculating heat and mass transfer in the core of VVER-type reactors cooled by single-phase water at subcritical pressure. As the relations that close the system of equations of mass, momentum, and energy conservation, the new version of the program includes correlations for calculating heat transfer and friction resistance, taking into account the strong dependence of the properties of the coolant on temperature and pressure. In particular, the use of the universal calculation model of heat transfer, developed by the authors of this paper, allows us to perform calculations in a wide range of flow parameters of various media, including the modes of normal, improved and deteriorated heat transfer. The results of tests of the TEMPA-SC program are presented in comparison with the available experimental data for water and modeling media (carbon dioxide, freons R-12 and R-134a) at supercritical pressures, as well as with the published data of calculations by using similar subchannel programs (COBRA-SC, ASSERT-PV) and CFD codes. A satisfactory agreement between the calculated and experimental data is shown.

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