This paper presents the passive design and safety features as well as the biological dose estimates for end-of-life handling of post-operation for the walk-away safe, SLIMM and VSLLIM small and micro reactors. These passive operation sodium cooled, fast-neutron spectrum reactors have recently been developed at the University of New Mexico's Institute for Space and Nuclear Power studies. The SLIMM-small modular reactor, could generates 100-10 MWth continuously, 24/7 without refueling for 6.3 - 68 full power years (FPYs), respectively, while the VSLLIM micro reactor could generate 10-1.0 MWth without refueling for 5.8 - 92 FPYs, respectively. These reactors would be factory constructed, assembled and sealed and then transported to designated sites by rail, a truck or a barge. At the site, these reactors would be installed below ground, to protect against impact by an airplane or a missile, and mounted on seismic isolation bearings, to resist earthquakes. The SLIMM and VSLLIM reactors could provide for both electricity generation and process heat and the electrical plants can easily be connected to a central or distributed grid with renewable energy sources. The integrated VSLLIM reactor and other plant components for electricity generation and/or process heat production could all be deployed on a single railroad car, a barge, or an 18-wheeler truck, to small and remote communities, and advance bases or outposts

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