The Journal Editorial Board would like to express its great appreciation to all the reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions toward papers published in 2015 and papers to be published in 2016. Without your hard work and expertise, it would be impossible to run our Journal and to keep Journal papers at such a high international level!

Agustin Abarca

Martina Adori

Kazim Akyuzlu

Walter Ambrosini

Michele Andreani

William S. Andrews

Asif Arastu

Nusret Aydemir

Fatih Aydogan

Mie Azuma

Yoon-Yeong Bae

Olexandr S. Bakai

Abdalla Batta

Majid Borairi

Aron Brolly

Forrest B. Brown

Michael Buck

Rafael J. Caro

Mario Carta

Vijay Chatoorgoon

Ronghua Chen

Xu Cheng

Yung Zun Cho

Andrey Churkin

Andrea Cioncolini

William Cook

Diana Cuervo

André Dall’Agnol

Marcel de Vos

Robert Fetterman

Aleksandr Filippov

Nozomu Fujimoto

Osamu Furuya

Puzhen Gao

Randall O. Gauntt

Jess Gehin

Thomas Gélain

Martin J. Guillot

David A. Guzonas...

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