by G. A. Mansoori, P. Lopes Barraos de Araujo, and E. Silvano de Araujo, 1st ed., Word Scientific Pub. Co., Hackensack, NJ, 2012, (Hardcover: 400+pages, Language: English), ISBN=10: 9814291609; ISBN=13: 978-9814291606.


This is a fascinating book dealing with diamondoid molecules which are important molecular building blocks in bottom-up nanotechnology. Diamondoids have lattice structures similar to diamond. They have found many applications in nanotechnology, biomedicine, materials science, and petroleum science which are presented in this comprehensive book. This book also tells us the great potential that diamondoids have for derivatization with interesting properties. To demonstrate the vast number of applications that diamondoids are having I share Figure 1.20 of the book (below) which shows the U.S. issued patents related to diamondoids (black columns, left Y-axes) and percentage of patents on pharmaceutical/medical application of diamondoids (empty circles/black line, right Y-axes), from January 1950 to December 2009.


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