This article talks about evolving technologies in making efficient gears for different auto engines. Gears are integral to a new engine that has the potential to change commercial aviation. Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan (GTF) jet engine will have significantly better fuel economy and much quieter operation. The P&W GTF combines existing jet engine technology with the well-established mechanical engineering technology of gears. Due to its high bypass ratio, the geared turbofan engine is 16% more efficient than standard jet engines. A key facility for developing the GTF gearbox has been a specially designed four-square gear test rig at P&W’s Middletown plant. The orientation of the GTF test gearboxes can be adjusted with respect to gravity to simulate different flight conditions. After an extensive program using a four-square rig and a long history of gearbox experience associated with their very popular turboprop gas turbines at Pratt & Whitney Canada, P&W engineers are convinced their new GTF engines will have a bright future.

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