This article discusses why it is essential to develop new codes and standards for nuclear power industry. The reason for developing new codes for nuclear power sector is simple to understand. It has to do with the fundamental purpose of all standards: Standards exist to serve not only all the stakeholders in an industry – manufacturers, regulators, insurers, operators of equipment, but also the members of the general public who happen to be in the neighborhood. Standards support prosperity and, more important than that, they maintain public safety. Presently, different committees are working on the next generation of their standards in the nuclear power sector. They are incorporating recent experience and integrating new technologies, from materials to theoretical tools. The ASME/ANS Nuclear Risk Management Committee is currently expanding the scope of the standard to cover risk at shutdown and include long-term maintenance of containment and releases to the public after an accident. In addition, requirements for advanced reactors and the lessons learned from the Fukushima accident are under development.

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