This article focuses on the multiple medium flocking bird test and also presents a memoir of Robert S. Mazzawy, Principal Engineer, Trebor Systems, LLC. Multiple requirements for demonstration testing of bird ingestion tolerance at takeoff power for new commercial transport engines have also been discussed in the article. For the engine test set up, the engine is configured only with production level instrumentation necessary for the engine control – rotor speeds, fuel flow, burner pressure, exhaust gas temperature, etc. The dynamics of the fan/booster decelerating more slowly than the core compressor created a situation in which the flow capacity of the core compressor drops below the level necessary for stable operation of the booster compressor. In recognition of these dynamics, engines are designed with a surge recovery bleed between the booster and core compressor to compensate for this flow mismatch. The key to resolving this dilemma is to have the engine control recognize that additional surges after normal closure of the surge recovery bleed are indicative of damage to the fan and loss of flow pumping.

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