This article presents an overview of the Perdido development site—the world’s deepest offshore drilling and production facility in the Gulf of Mexico. Perdido is located about 250 miles south of Houston. The production platform sits 60 miles beyond any other development in the Gulf. The Perdido platform sits in approximately 8000 feet of water and will access reservoirs deep beneath the ocean floor. Perdido is designed to produce hydrocarbons from not one, but three oil fields. The platform floats over the largest of the three fields, Great White, which is penetrated by 22 wells. Another 13 wells penetrate the more distant Silvertip and Tobago fields. The Tobago field is the deepest of the three, at an ocean depth of more than 9500 feet. Together, the three fields contain 650 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe), of which 300 million boe is thought to be recoverable. Daily peak production is forecast to be 130,000 boe.

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