This article highlights introducing undergrads to computerized fluid dynamics (CFD) and FEA software that is not a straightforward affair. Computerized fluid dynamics has become mainstream more recently, but many engineers are finding it just as important to their daily work. In order to prepare engineers to enter such a world, professors have begun a conversation to determine the best way and the best time to introduce students to the analysis software they will likely need on the job. The subject is more challenging, both to learn and to introduce into the curriculum, than computer-aided design. Instructors agree that their students first need a good grounding in CAD before moving on to analysis. Introduction to the software comes after instructors are sure students are comfortable with CAD and have become familiar with a range of analysis concepts. Teaching CAD is a lot easier than teaching CAE, so schools are finding they cannot substitute their CAD teaching methods when it comes to CFD and FEA.

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