A novel EMG feedback device has been designed and developed. The device exists in two forms: a trainer version to be used by the general consumer and a stethoscope version that is tailored to be used by a therapist or a clinician. The trainer version was designed and built to have a small form factor for direct placement of the device on a disposable electrode patch, thus eliminating the need for electrode wires. The unique design allows for vibrotactile feedback in addition to standard auditory feedback. The stethoscope version provides a stethoscopelike form factor. The audio output can be either a pure tone or the sound of the EMG signal itself. The electrodes in this version consist of a reusable bar electrode containing two fixed electrodes and a reusable grounding electrode. The stethoscope version allows the user to quickly and easily hear EMG information from various locations of the body. Each of the devices provides users with capabilities and functions not previously available from traditional EMG feedback devices.