The Mechanisms and Robotics community would like to acknowledge and honor Jian Sheng Dai, professor at the King's College London, London, UK, and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), who received the 2015 ASME DED Mechanisms and Robotics Award at the 39th ASME Mechanisms and Robotics conference held on Aug. 2–5, 2015 in Boston, MA. The Mechanisms and Robotics Award is an honor that is given annually by the ASME Design Engineering Division, to engineers known for a lifelong contribution to the fundamental theory, design and applications of mechanisms and robotic systems. Professor Dai has made a lasting impact on reconfigurable mechanisms through his contributions to theoretical study, mechanism innovation, applications, and societal services and by exploring the screw system relationship for revealing constraint variation that affects mechanism reconfigurability and for establishing a mode of mobility analysis.