We are pleased to announce the two (2) winners for the Journal of Mechanical Design 2022 Editors’ Choice Paper Award:

In the Category of Design Methods:

Eamon Whalen and Caitlin Mueller (September 21, 2021). “Toward Reusable Surrogate Models: Graph-Based Transfer Learning on Trusses.” ASME. J. Mech. Des. February 2022; 144(2): 021704. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4052298

In the Category of Machine Design:

Abdullah Aamir Hayat, Lim Yi, Manivannan Kalimuthu, M. R. Elara, and Kristin L. Wood (February 15, 2022). “Reconfigurable Robotic System Design With Application to Cleaning and Maintenance.” ASME. J. Mech. Des. June 2022; 144(6): 063305. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4053631

In addition, one (1) paper was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Category of Machine Design:

Merel van Diepen and Kristina Shea (June 13, 2022). “Co-Design of the Morphology and Actuation of Soft Robots for Locomotion.” ASME. J. Mech. Des. August 2022; 144(8): 083305. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4054522

The selection of these papers was based on the recommendations of the Associate and Guest Editors and guided by the following criteria: (i) fundamental value of the contribution, (ii) expectation of archival value (e.g., expected number of citations), (iii) practical relevance to mechanical design, and (iv) quality of presentation. Nominated papers were considered in two category tracks by two separate ad hoc committees: one for design methods and one for machine design. The paper by Whalen et al. was awarded in the category of design methods and the papers by Hayat et al. and van Diepen et al. were awarded in the category of machine design.

Plaques will be awarded to each of the authors of the Editors’ Choice Award, and certificates will be awarded to the authors of the paper with an Honorable Mention. We would like to congratulate all the award recipients and look forward to continuing to work with the entire ASME community of editors, authors, reviewers, and staff to bring the Journal of Mechanical Design to the next level of excellence.