I am delighted to present to our JMD community this special issue on design under uncertainty. JMD has been a leading venue for publishing research in this area over many years. Following some earlier pioneering work, the area has blossomed while we recognize and try to address the frequent critique from our industry colleagues than our “nominal” solutions to design problems can never be realized in practice.

I would like to express my great appreciation to Guest Editors Wei Chen, Chris Paredis, and Irem Y. Tumer for their conscientious and thoughtful work over many months, handling a large number of submissions from which the contributions in this issue have been drawn. I also want to thank my editorial assistant Ben Palumbo and the ASME production staff for the extra effort they always expend to get the special issues completed on our targeted time. Finally, I want to thank all of our authors whose papers appear in this issue, as well as many others whose work may yet appear in future issues, given the time and space constraints we have had for the special issue.

I hope this issue will give us all a sense of the new ideas emerging in design under uncertainty and inspire our authors to continue JMD’s excellence in this domain.