Robots and Screw Theory: Applications of Kinematics and Statics to Robotics, by Joseph K. Davidson and Kenneth H. Hunt, Oxford University Press, 2004, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, England. (ISBN 0-19-856245-4).


As stated in the preface, the goal of this book is two-fold: (i) to explore the underlying principles of kinematic geometry which are so important for an understanding of rigid body displacements and velocities in a robotic manipulator; and (ii) to explore the principles of the geometry of force systems in as much as they relate to the understanding of the kinematics. The book emphasizes important and long-established principles which provide the reader with a basis for a deeper understanding of the capabilities and the limitations of robot motion. The authors believe that this knowledge can be used effectively to design and control robotic manipulators.

The key to the treatment on robotics presented...

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