Cam Design Handbook by Harold A. Rothbart, McGraw Hill Professional, October 2003

This handbook offers a collection of both practical and theoretical topics on the subject of cam design and manufacture. Portions of the book are based on the editor’s previous book, Cams-Design, Dynamics and Accuracy (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1956) with the addition of updated design techniques and manufacturing processes. The emphasis is toward cams for industrial automation but material for automotive engines cams is also included. Ten of the sixteen chapters are written by the author/editor with the balance of the chapters written by nine contributors from both academia and industry. Six appendices and a twenty page index complete the book.

The first five chapters cover cam terminology, a general process for approaching the cam design task, and the kinematic characteristics and equations for a plethora of cam motions. The motions presented include constant velocity, geometrically defined...

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