This is the third issue of the Journal of Mechanical Design to be printed since Prof. Lung-Wen Tsai, my predecessor, died suddenly just after Thanksgiving last year, and it contains the last of the papers that were accepted for publication under his supervision. Prof. Bahram Ravani prepared the enclosed memorial together with a list of Prof. Tsai’s published works. A more complete list is available at the ASME Design Engineering Division website:

I vividly recall the ASME Mechanisms Conference over two decades ago, when Prof. Tsai introduced himself and took me to lunch, beginning regular interactions that I found inspiring. The shear pleasure that Prof. Tsai took in all of his activities was contagious and energizing. It was clear from the presentations at his memorial that professors, classmates, friends and family treasured the warmth of his personality and the energy of his enthusiasm.

This issue also marks a transition...

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