In this research, the diameter of the shaft within an axial-piston swash-plate type hydrostatic pump is considered from a stress point of view. To analyze the loading of the shaft, the components within the pump are studied using a force and torque diagram and it is shown that the loads are applied differently for three main sections of the shaft. From the force and torque diagram, the actual shaft loads are determined based upon the geometry of the pump and the working pressure of the hydraulic system. Using well-accepted machine design practices, governing equations for the shaft diameter are produced for the various regions of loading along the shaft. These equations consider both bending and torsional stresses on the outer surface of the shaft. Results for the required shaft diameter are then computed for a typical pump design and compared to the geometry of an actual shaft. It is noted that stress concentrations can significantly alter these results and that the required shaft diameter can be reduced by applying the proper heat treatments and increasing the shaft strength. Finally, the designer is cautioned regarding the deflection difficulties that can arise when the shaft diameter is reduced too much. [S1050-0472(00)01704-9]

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