The desirable motion characteristics of mechanisms are so implicit that they are difficult to express analytically. Our design methodology involves development of generic design models through abstractions of entire emotion characteristics. We have developed a finite set of generic models (for straight-line, circular-arc, and dwell mechanisms) that represents the entire design space in the sense that a given design specification falls under at least one of the generic design models. This paper presents the generic design models for four-bar straight-line, circular arc, and six-bar dwell linkage mechanisms. The models presented here provide ready-made designs for many dwell applications. We have also presented a new concept in mechanisms design in which multiple coupler points on a four-bar linkage are used to drive different output dyads resulting in multiple dwell outputs. Finally, a new mechanism for the opposed piston stirling engine is presented to illustrate the use of generic design models and the application of a single-input controlling dual output motions with dwells.

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