We have successfully developed a tooth profile which enables a spur gear having zero relative curvature at contact points under the engagement through the concave/convex pattern of contact and further enables a single flank of the tooth profile to have the infinite number of points where the relative curvature and specific sliding are zero values. We have given a name of “LogiX” to this tooth profile. A W-N (Wildhaber-Novikov) tooth profi¨le has been known as that having the concave/convex pattern of contact. The tooth profile, however, is applied only to a helical gear due to its feature of a point contact. While, on the LogiX tooth profile, an improvement has been made so that a pair of spur gears having the tooth profile may contact each other through the concave/convex pattern of a line-contact which cannot be achieved by the W-N tooth profile. Therefore, the LogiX tooth profile has realized a spur gear whose surface durability is as high as that of the W-N tooth profile. Since the results of durability tests show slightly higher than an involute one, it is expected that a new type heavy duty gear of this tooth profile puts into practical use. Furthermore, the tooth profile will have the possibility of creating the new era in the history of tooth profile theory.

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