This investigation is concerned with the thermoelastic analysis of flexible multibody machine-tool mechanisms using the finite-element method. Thermoelastic response of the machine tool is obtained by discretizing the machine tool into a number of simple elements and calculating the thermal stress and strain of each element under the average temperature rise. The generalized thermoelastic forces associated with the generalized elastic coordinates are then determined using the virtual work. The nonlinear dynamic behavior of the machine-tool mechanism due to the application of a constant cutting force as well as a chattering (dynamic) force, with and without thermal effects, is analyzed. The chattering force is obtained by considering the cutting force variations due to the variation of undeformed chip thickness and the rate of penetration of the tool, as a result of tool deformation. In this investigation, the machine-tool mechanism is considered as a multibody system consisting of interconnected rigid and flexible bodies that undergo large angular rotations. Bending and axial deformation of the elastic bodies in the system are considered. Component mode synthesis techniques are employed in order to reduce the number of elastic coordinates and the system differential equations of motion and nonlinear algebraic constraint equations are written in terms of a coupled set of reference and modal elastic coordinates. The formulation is exemplified using a crank-shaper mechanism wherein the flexibility of the tool as well as the flexibility of the mechanism links are considered.

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