In an earlier work, a perturbation technique was first presented to obtain approximate simple harmonic equations for describing the output motions of rudimentary linkages, i.e., a crank-rocker and a slider-crank, with relativley small input cranks. The technique involved consideration of a small motion excursion about a so-called “mean linkage configuration.” These equations were facilitated through truncation of the binomial series expansion of the output motions, expressed in terms of the input crank angle. Assuming a small crank to ground link length ratio, terms containing second or higher powers of this ratio were neglected. This paper retains terms containing higher powers in an effort to improve upon (i) the definition of the mean linkage configuration, and (ii) the harmonic motion content representation of the output motions. The improvements made due to the “modified” equations, relative to the “original” ones, are pictorially presented as being significant.

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