The article deals with Geneva mechanisms driven with multiple cranks for the generation of multiple indexings with different index ratios during a cycle of motion. Both, Geneva-wheel mechanisms, and Geneva-slider mechanisms for the generation of rotary and linear motions with dwells, respectively, are considered. Design equations for both types of Geneva mechanisms are offered to synthesize the motion and dwell-time distributions, or the index ratio distributions, during a cycle of motion, and synthesize for the dimensions of the system. Partially irregular and completely irregular Geneva mechanisms are considered for both types, where the partially irregular Geneva mechanisms generate the same motion time but different dwell times for different indexings, while the completely irregular Geneva mechanisms generate different motion times as well as different dwell times for different indexings during a sequence of indexings. Sequences of indexings during one cycle of motion (during one rotation of the Geneva wheel, for example) can be repeated several times. The uses of the design equations offered are illustrated with six industrial application examples.

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