An analysis was conducted for into mesh oil jet lubrication with an arbitrary offset and inclination angle from the pitch point for the case where the oil jet velocity is equal to or less than pitch line velocity. The analysis includes the case for the oil jet offset from the pitch point in the direction of the pinion and where the oil jet is inclined to intersect the common pitch point. Equations were developed for the minimum oil jet velocity required to impinge on the pinion or gear and the optimum oil jet velocity to obtain the maximum impingement depth. The optimum operating condition for best lubrication and cooling is provided when the oil jet velocity is equal to the gear pitch line velocity with both sides of the gear tooth cooled. When the jet velocity is reduced from pitch line velocity the drive side of the pinion and the unloaded side of the gear is cooled. When the jet velocity is much lower than the pitch line velocity the impingement depth is very small and may completely miss the pinion.

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