The paper studies the effect of bearing clearances in the dynamic analysis of gear mechanisms in high speed machinery. For this purpose, an analytical model is developed based on the interdependence between kinematics and kinetic relationships that must be satisfied when contact is maintained between the journal and its bearing. The contact modes are formulated such that the bearing eccentricity vector must align itself with bearing normal force at the point of contact. The analysis mainly relies on determining the direction of the bearing eccentricity vector defined as the clearance angles βi at the bearing revolutes for each contact mode of the gear teeth. The governing equations of the clearance angles are developed using the geometrical constraints of the contact point location and the velocity ratio. The clearance angles and their derivatives are subsequently used to systematically evaluate kinematic and dynamic quantities of each gear as well as the dynamic tooth load. A pair of rigid tooth spur gears with two revolute clearances is analyzed to illustrate the procedure. The model presented in the paper provides a design method for investigating the effect of bearing tolerances and wear on the evaluation of dynamic tooth load in high speed gearing systems.

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