Effects of addendum modification of tooth profiles on the bending fatigue strength of high speed spur gear are discussed in this presentation: A JIS Class O Spur gear of m3, α20 deg, Z1 27, and made of AMS 6260 (AISI 9310) steel precisely ground after carburizing and hardening was meshed with the other gear of Z2 77 and operated at 8550 rpm. In this running test, bending load capacity and running performance comparisons between the gear with standard tooth profile and the two shifted gears of which tooth addendum modification coefficients were 0.35 and 0.8. The maximum normal load of the gear with addendum modification coefficient 0.8 at 107 (10 million) cycles was 1.8 kNsmm per unit tooth width. The maximum Hertz stress of this gear was 2.43 × 109 Nsm2. The allowable normal load of the gear with 0.8 was higher than that of the standard gear by 87 percent and higher than of the 0.35 profile shifted gears by 20 percent.

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