In this third and final part are proposed: (a) methods for analysis and optimal synthesis of mismatch gearing, (b) application of those methods for the analysis and synthesis of hypoid gear-drives generated by “Formate” and “Helixform” methods. In the previous parts, machine settings for the member-gear and the pinion of the Hypoid gear-drive were obtained. Use of these settings guarantee: (a) that the gear surfaces will be in tangency at a previously chosen point M, (b) that the conditions of meshing will be favorable at the point M and in its vicinity. But it is necessary to provide favorable conditions of meshing in the whole area of meshing. Methods proposed in this part permits achievement of those mentioned aims: (a) the analysis of gearing permits collection of the necessary information of meshing conditions in the whole area of meshing, (b) the optimal synthesis permits improvment of the conditions of meshing by variation of some parameters of pinion machine settings.

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