This project is a part of an overall study aimed at producing a new generation of wind turbine generators. The wind turbine generator proposed is a horizontal axis machine with three blades operating downwind. A hydraulic system actuates mechanical linkages to control blade pitch during operation. The blade pitch control concept provides active control of rotor rpm above the rated wind speed and during no load condition. The lowering of blade and tower loads while providing the capability for well tuned rotor control are its primary features. A hydraulic system, designed to control the pitch of the blades of a wind turbine generator, is simulated on the digital computer using the Runge-Kutta method. The control system subroutine is coupled with the aerodynamic subroutines of the blades to represent the model for the wind turbine generator. The response of the simulated wind turbine to a real wind case is shown to agree with the desired response.

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