The majority of the papers contributed toward this special issue were presented at the symposium “Multi-scale Modeling of Plastic Deformation Phenomena” which was co-chaired by Prof. Tariq Khraishi and Prof. Hussein Zbib. The symposium was part of the 2001 Mechanics and Materials Summer Conference in San Diego, CA, which was jointly organized by ASME/ASCE/SES. The idea behind the symposium was to bring together scientists and researchers from different institutions and backgrounds, specializing in a spectrum of technical expertise, to discuss and present their latest research on multi-scale plastic deformation.

The papers in this special issue are grouped closely according to topic or theme. The first five have an experimental focus or component (in addition to theory and numerical calculations). Papers 5–8 contain atomistic and microscale modeling techniques/methods, and the last group of papers are continuum mechanics-oriented with some emphasis on gradient plasticity theories.

This special...

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