This Special Issue of the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology (JEMT) contains a number of selected papers in the field of micromechanics in crystal plasticity. All papers in this issue have successfully gone through the regular peer-review process of JEMT.

The main objective of the issue was to provide a forum for the mechanics of materials community to publish new advances in constitutive behavior of crystalline materials by addressing different scale descriptions: in particular, dislocation dynamics, twinning, dislocation pattern-formation, internal stresses, atomistic and mesoscale simulations, transformation related plasticity, strain gradient plasticity, behavior of inclusions in crystals and superplasticity.

While the selected papers do not cover all the above-mentioned topics in the field of crystal plasticity, they provide a good discussion of recent work, making connection between the microstructural state and the overall behavior of the material. The papers illustrate the diverse investigations that address fundamental issues to describe the...

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