A series of tests for creep, stress relaxation, and biaxial ratchetting of type 304 stainless steel after cyclic preloading were carried out to investigate their interaction. The interesting fact was pointed out that back stress in cyclic plasticity played an important role to describe creep, relaxation, and biaxial ratchetting following cyclic preloading. Then, the test results showed that the material behavior due to creep after cyclic preloading could be represented by the modified Bailey-Norton law with stress levels evaluated from the current center of the yield surface, i.e., back stress which was determined by the hybrid constitutive model for cyclic plasticity proposed by the authors. In addition, biaxial ratchetting of axial strain induced by cyclic shear straining after cyclic preloading was expressed by the shear stress amplitude, the number of cycle and the axial stress level from the current center.

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