By means of combining Drucker’s yield function with Hill’s quadratic yield function, an anisotropic yield function of the sixth degree is proposed. It is able to include the effects of the third deviatoric stress invariant and initial anisotropy. Experiments are carried out on fully annealed 1050 aluminum tubes under multiaxial stress states. By applying proportional loadings of axial load, internal pressure and torsion to the specimens, the change in yield stress with a rotation of the principal stress axes and the difference between the directions of the principal stress and principal strain increment are examined. The yield surface in the tension-internal pressure stress field reveals orthotropic anisotropy. The yield surface in the tension-torsion stress field lies outside von Mises’ yield surface. Such behavioral characteristics can be expressed precisely by the proposed yield function. In addition, it is experimentally verified that the normality rule is obeyed in strain behavior.

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