This paper contains an extension of the uniaxial state variable constitutive model of Ramaswamy et al. (1988) to the case of multiaxial loading. The correlation between uniaxial and multiaxial loading conditions is achieved through the assumptions of material isotropy and conservation of inelastic volume. The multiaxial extension is based only on the material parameters evaluated from uniaxial loading. The research is accompanied by a multiaxial experimental program to evaluate the response of Rene’ 80 at 871°C and 982° C. Experiments in the program include torsion, proportional axial and torsion, and nonproportional loading. It was shown experimentally that there is no extra hardening from the multiaxial loading than results from uniaxial loading. Further, it is shown that the multiaxial model is successful in predicting the experimental results using only the parameters determined from the uniaxial experiments.

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