The multiaxial deformation behavior of the Ni-based alloy B1900 + Hf has been studied at elevated temperatures in the range of 649–982°C. Combined tension/ torsion cyclic tests were performed on thin-wall tubular specimens under both in-phase and out-of-phase strain-controlled loading cycles. Both straining conditions resulted in stress loci of comparable magnitude, exhibiting no difference in cyclic hardening response. A phase angle was observed between the deviatoric stress and the incremental plastic strain vectors during 90° out-of-phase strain cycling, and nonproportional stress relaxation occurred under biaxial strain hold. The overall results have been used to assess the flow law, the hardening equations, and the applicability of the J2-based, elastic-viscoplastic model of Bodner-Partom for multiaxial loading conditions. The overall agreement between theory and experiment is good and discrepancies are discussed in relation to micromechanical considerations.

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