To find some features in the development of cyclic hardening in structural components with areas of strain concentration, detailed and simplified elastoplastic analyses are performed on an axisymmetric notched bar subjected to axial cyclic loading. For the detailed analysis, the constitutive model based on the cyclic nonhardening region is implemented in an incremental FEM. The model can describe an important feature in cyclic plasticity, i.e., the dependence of cyclic plastic behavior on cyclic stress and strain ranges. The simplified method which utilizes the cylic stress-strain curve as the constitutive relation is applied to the case of nonzero as well as zero mean values of the cyclic load, and its validity is discussed on the basis of the results of the detailed analysis. The detailed analysis with accelerated cyclic hardening and the methods of Neuber and Stowell-Hardrath-Ohman are examined, too.

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